Consultation Call with Ankit

Confused with heaps of free information available on internet regarding location, venues, hotels, cost and budget etc?

Shortlisted venues but not sure which fits in best?

Still wandering how to kickstart the wedding plan?

You may like to opt for a one on one consultation call with our Chief Wedding Planner “Ankit”. A call of 30 minutes could save you from confusing research you do on your own for a week.

We charge Rs. 10000 for the consultation call and it could be scheduled as per your convenience.

Before you send us an inquiry you might be interested in understanding
Why hire us as your Wedding Planner?
What services do we offer?
How do we charge you for our services/ our FEE?
How much does it cost to have Wedding in Goa?
How much does it cost to have Wedding in Udaipur?


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