Diipa Khosla & Oleg #THEBULLSLAS

Not only for us but for rest of the world also the wedding of Insta Celeb and massive influencer “Diipa Khosla” with “Oleg” was no less than a glam to remember. It was indeed an honour to have planned an organised wedding of Diipa and Oleg recently at Fort Fatehgarh in Udaipur.

(For those who still do not know about one of the most trended wedding on web should refer to @DiipaKhosla

Just thinking about Diipa and Oleg’s wedding bring in so many moments, stories and memories to cherish, all of them worth the months of effort.

Right from first day when Diipa contacted us through Instagram, we were a fan of her fanfare, ever cheerful attitude and very friendly approach. In the first meeting Diipa had it clear that she wanted to engage us for her Wedding planning and would mean to be a huge responsibility. Its going to be the wedding that would be talked about internationally and millions of eyes are waiting to see what experience we design for them.

While tons of WhatsApp messages, pictures and information exchanges, con calls etc is part of every wedding we plan, it was a little challenge to make it happen with “really busy” schedule of our star Diipa but working with Diipa and Oleg was very straight forward and fun as they 100% knew what they wanted and always cared for all the advises we gave them.

Meeting Diipa again and her super amazing Mother Mrs. Khosla just a month prior to wedding we actually realised that its going to be a four days non stop glam show and at the same time a lot of emotions flowing out. Diipa’s mother teamed up with us to fix all lose ends in planning and we were ready to coordinate and witness this wedding for which millions of her fans were waiting.

The days of festivities ones started, passed by like a breeze and left us with many stories to share right from her selecting “which is the best green leaf and which off white linen is the best off white” to “the Reception Dress which was mistakenly sent to Delhi and had to then travel through a charter flight to Udaipur, us to manage to get the dress from Aircraft to Hotel in 90 minutes”, “last minute plan for rehearsing the white wedding”, “managing to get all the international shipments in time”, “looking for best matched collaborations locally”, “coordination amongst the Photo and film professionals” to “choreographing position of everyone to setup a picture perfect entry”.

Here are some pictures taken by very talented team of Zohaib Ali and Manish “Fotoconto
a detailed story could be read at  Wedding Sutra Blog

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