Sephi Bergerson : Wedding Photographers in India

Sephi Bergerson is an award winning international documentary and lifestyle photographer specializing in destination weddings and Indian wedding photography.
Previously a commercial photographer in Israel for more than ten years, Sephi moved to India in early 2002 with his wife, their 10-months-old baby, four bags and very little money, to follow his dream to be a documentary photographer. His work revolves mainly around the experience of travel and culture as he always tries to balance his commercial shooting with personal work and photojournalism. This is how he created and developed a distinctive photographic language that combines his studio skills, his love for traveling and the lightness of a DSLR camera. His first book ‘Street Food of India’ has made to the list of best books of the year 2010 in the New York Times and was nominated for Best in the World at the Gourmand Awards 2010.
Bergerson’s commercial work has always influenced his personal projects that in turn helped create new ideas that could be included into new commercial work. He got into wedding photography when he started working on his second book; ‘An Indian Wedding’  in October 2007. Over the years, in the course of working on this book, Sephi may have witnessed and documented a greater variety of Indian weddings than any other person on earth.
Traveling the length and breadth of India for the book, he was searching out differences and similarities in Indian wedding traditions, while trying to find a single theme that could explain the essence of this grand, colorful and fantastic celebration.

The book features weddings from a vast array of Indian communities: Tamil Brahmin, Bengali and Sikh, Hindu Punjabi, Hyderabadi Muslim and Rajput; Kashmiri Pandit, Ladakhi Buddhist and Goan Catholic; Syrian Christian and Zoroastrian Parsi. He also photographed a mass wedding of the Dawoodi Bhora community in Mumbai and a Kodava Coorg celebration. The book is scheduled for publication by Harper Collins.
Sephi is now available for a small number of wedding photography assignments every year. He is known to devote extreme care and attention to each couple with whom he works and develop a photography services that truly reflects who you are as a couple and what your day will be.

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