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Weddings in Goa is now almost a popular “wedding idea”, you might have come across some of your relatives or friends who recently experienced a wedding in Goa telling you stories about the sunny beaches, great sea food around the corner, local music bands, people speaking Russian and french better than English and definitely costlier transport!

I do not want to start with writing flowery words about Goa but straight to the point that if you have been considering Goa to be the destination for your wedding, its a great choice indeed. Not only the place is beautiful for an auspicious occasion like Wedding but also for all your Guests who might be flying overseas to have a memorable holiday full of “laid back time, sea food, wine and music”.

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 A few years back when India itself wasn’t prominently marked as wedding destination, it was little difficult to get around the logistics and arrangements. Thanks to Wedding Planners, Hoteliers, Suppliers and all the couples who chose Goa as their Wedding location that now Goa is now very fit to even the traditional most weddings (you even get Dandiya sticks, a decorated white Horse, Punjabi Dhol players, Shehnai players and not to forget Gujarati speaking Maharaj).

The first issue you might come across while planning wedding in Goa is to chose between South Goa and North Goa. Every Holiday seeker actually face this question. In simple words, North Goa is more of a Touristic place … Beaches are crowded, several Pubs and Bars every nook and corner, Market areas, Hippies motorbiking on Roads etc. however you will never feel bored if you are in North. In terms of Hotels and Venues, North Goa has a very few Luxury/5 Star Resorts. Specially Beach side luxury Resorts are barely few but the small nice boutique Hotels and Homestays are abundant.

North Goa

South Goa is a village area as such, 90% of 5 Beach Star Resorts like Leela, Taj, Hyatt, Alila etc are located here. The Beaches are clean and not crowded (atleast the beaches attached to Resorts). Most of the Weddings and Corporate Events take place in South Goa. However if you come out of the Resorts the roads are empty, you need to take Taxi to go to nearby Market but popular Beach Shacks could be just close by. Whole Utorda, Colva, Benaulim, Varca etc belt is very scenic and peaceful.

South Goa

So by now you must have sensed both the regions and started making up mind which one sounds more like your taste!

Hotels and Resorts are costlier than ther Holiday spots in India. Expect to shell out atleast Rs. 3500/Night for a Room at a 2*-3* Resort while 5* properties start from Rs. 10000/Night.

Various world know 5* Hotel chains like Taj, Leela, Hyatt, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Alila Diwa, Ramada, Zuri, Kenilworth etc have their Properties majorly in south Goa which offer variety of outdoor and indoor venue for wedding festivities. Most of them would want your guests to stay with them to be able to use their venues but depending upon period of year and your requirements, it is possible to use their venues without having stay with them. 

Each of these Resorts have their own advantages and shortcomings but it completely depends upon your preference, budget and requirements which one will be most suitable to you. It is indeed possible to use multiple Resorts as well during the few days of celebration.

Transport is costliest in Goa (may compare with London), 8 hours of Taxi which is small normal air conditioned Car if hired from Hotel could cost Rs. 2000. If you love to self drive, its easy to find Bikes and Cars on rent. Food is cheap and you really have choice 🙂 Goa is Sea Food lover’s paradise.

If you had been waiting to read some reviews about different Venues and Hotels in Goa, you will have be little patient. I shall cover that in different section very soon.

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In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you require any information helping you plan your wedding in Goa.


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