Do I need a Wedding Planner?

Recently, I have experienced that “Wedding Planners & Coordinators” are considered to be hired MAINLY for the purpose of “negotiating with Suppliers”.

How sad!

Your Wedding Planner is supposed to help you with best of advise about “how you can get best value out of the money you are spending” BUT if you think, job of Wedding Planner finishes here … probably you do not require a Wedding Planner 🙂

Before approaching a Wedding Planner, please ask yourself
1. Do I have enough experience to get into details which are required for such an important day of my life?

2. Do I have resources & time available to handle all this myself?

3. Who would guide me through the whole process? If there is anyone who I can pile on & count on?

4. How do I ensure that Suppliers I may chose on my own would deliver the value they should?

5. Do I need a professional to look after last minute problems which might come up?

6. Can I take up all the stress or do I need someone to take it away from me?

7. There is nothing that a Wedding Planner can do and I can’t, but am I actually supposed to do all this in my own wedding?

If you’ve checked off one or more of the above options, you should at least investigate hiring a wedding planner. Of course, if you’re looking to save money, this may be an expense that you can avoid. But keep in mind that because of inside connections and experience that allows us to avoid common mistakes, hiring a wedding planner might be the most cost-effective move in the end.


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  • Praveeth December 22, 2015, 1:51 am


    My Fiance and I are planning on a wedding in India for 2016 December. Our guests total 30. We are looking for a weeks accomadation and would like to find out about Agra(Taj Mahal vicinity). We will be looking to have the following functions(mendhi, huldhee, hindi wedding and reception) As our guests are mainly immediate family we are looking for a venue that is intimate and classy. we will need the following services, hair and makeup, photography and video, food ( strictly vegetarian), DJ, and decor.

    Please get back to me asap. Your advice and your suggestions are welcomed.

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