Goa Weddings : Stay in Apartments & Villa & have Wedding festivities at 5* Resorts

Continuation to the series of Posts about possibility of staying at Apartments & Villas in Goa and having the wedding events organised at Beach locations & 5* Resorts, this idea seems to be working now with more and more such combinations coming up without much hassling about the logistics.

Read out one such combination at : http://www.ankit.in/destinations/apartment-villa-goa/

Here is one of the very suitable one I spotted near Benaulim. It has 20 apartments with 2 Rooms each, 7 villas with 3-4 Rooms each and a Hotel tower with 21 Rooms. In total it can accommodate total 200 guests in same compound.

Rooms are furnished well, the Washrooms/Toilets are spacious and clean and they also have a small Kitchen in Apartments with every 2 Room set. Hotel Tower Rooms are much more furnished and are offered Housekeeping every day while Villas have an advantage of being more private and overall more spacious because you get larger living area. Rooms have T.V. with satellite connection. Villas have a private Car Parking as well.

This compound of Villas, Apartments & Hotel Tower is very conveniently located near a couple of 5* Resorts like Taj Exotica & Zuri White Sands. It offers a small Restaurant where they serve Breakfast, which could also be laid privately in Lawns near Swimming Pool. They are also coming up with a Shaded Restaurant on Top Terrace which can fit in 200 pax casual setting. This could again be used for regular meals or to organise a pre wedding function.

A few pictures to give you an idea of the place, on a personal note I liked the Rooms & location which comes out much cost effective than even a 3* Resort.

If you require any further information, feel free to use the quick contact form or drop me an email at [mail@ankit.in]

Apartments in Goa

Apartment Tower & a Villa


Hotel Tower & Villas


Apartment Towers

Apartment Towers


Room in Hotel Tower

Room in Hotel Tower


Room in Apartment

Room in Apartment


Kitchen in Apartment

Kitchen in Apartment

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  • shine February 23, 2014, 10:39 pm

    hi tere I plan to have a beach wedding in goa. and I am looking for accommodation for about 150 guests. all in one property if possible. can u please help me

  • Salome Dias July 9, 2014, 2:50 pm

    Hi Ankit,
    we are planning on a wedding in goa for either 27th Dec 2014 or 3 jan 2015. I am a goan girl and he is a north indian boy. we plan on having a church wedding nuptials followed by wedding reception ( No alcohol except champagne and wine during toast) and an after party for friends (Alcohol). We would like options for stay for relatives and friends.. preferrably the girls relatives and boys relatives should be at separate accommodations and the friends at an accommodation that has swimming pool and outdoor area for the after party. We want the wedding reception to be a combination of beach facing, portuguese mansion lawn wedding and definitely with Goan traditions. We would like to go in for south goa since i am from Chinchinim. We have a church at chinchinim which we have opted for.. however we are open to other suggestions too. Please do let me know the costings for stay, venue, deco, catering, transport etc accordingly.
    Salome Dias

  • kvh January 3, 2015, 3:28 pm

    Hi Ankit,
    I am looking for a place for my daughter’s wedding. it will be a very small group of around 60-70 guests.My idea about d venue is a traditional /heritage house/bunlow like RINA’s VENUE,Chennai.
    Do you have any suggestions like this place anywhere from Mumbai to Kerala ?


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