Wedding at Taj Mahal : Dream Wedding or a Dream?

Wedding at Taj Mahal (I shy out writing introduction of Taj Mahal) in Agra is not an uncommon idea! I realized this a while back when I received almost 50th Email from a prospective Bride asking if wedding at Taj Mahal is possible?

The email read

” Hi

I was wondering whether you could organise a wedding in a garden overlooking the Taj Mahal. It would just be the two of us – no guests.


I always deeply regret to write a blunt response to the request stating that Taj Mahal is a public monument including all the areas nearby (Gardens and grounds) and therefore it is not allowed to organise any private event in the premises.

I have already given an attempt to organise “something” at Taj Mahal. This Australian couple contacted me to get married infront of Taj Mahal and as a standard response. The Couple visited India 15 years back and this is where he proposed her :). I informed them the restrictions however their perseverance and love towards the Taj Mahal made me think of exploring the closest possibility. After a series of email we sorted the way out together.  It was planned to drive them from Delhi to Agra a day before and have a brief meeting. Next day morning we planned the “Ring Ceremony” infront of the Taj Mahal (dont get ideas… it was done completely secret). The same evening a traditional Indian wedding was organised for them at one of Hotel overlooking Taj Mahal.

Ring Ceremony at the Taj Mahal was the trick actually.  I had heard that any attempt to organise a “private ceremony” at Taj Mahal can be a risk and you could be questioned by security, management and might have to face the fuss which people around you can make at that moment. So we thought of a wiser way and planned to make it completely casual. The Couple just walked in front of the Taj Mahal to sit at the Bench in front mean for Photography. Very casually they exchanged the Rings without getting specially noticed by the crowd around. This was all Photographed from a distance so that it can be a part of memories. That was the only and best possible way to achieve their dream of “bonding” in front of Taj Mahal to complete the proposal ones made 15 years back.

Indian Ceremony and the private dinner in evening was perfect to add to the emotions and occasion.

So anyone looking to get married at the Taj Mahal, please make up your mind that this is actually not possible the way you might have wanted it. You might look for other uncommon ideas like “Wedding in the Air“.

The Taj Mahal

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  • salim mirza February 23, 2015, 10:56 pm

    my dream wedding at Taj Mahal is possible?

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