Xavier & Smital, Wedding in Goa

Dear Ankit & Regal Team,

First and foremost, we are so glad we chose your establishment to coordinate our wedding.

We have been home back in London for over one moth and a half, and all the family is talking about is returning to Goa, and having parties organised by you all the time.

From the very most moment you handled our account, and wedding package, you were so involved giving us the feeling that you were arranging it for you. Smital and I are very picky, and attention to detail orientated, that during the whole event we could not fault anything. At any given time of the events, we and the families were absolutely astonished, amazed, taken out of this world.

We were pretty much leaving all the arrangements down to you and our breath were taken away at all our parties.

The guest were so overtaken, by all the beauty of the sets, that all they keep talking about is when is the next party?

We are and will be for a long time owing you a huge favor for all the work you have put into this wedding. We would like to say a huge thank you for your time, understanding, and hardwork. The pictures are an absolute delight to watch, and to even, share. Overall you created a fantatic wedding, and we will be for ever grateful.

Thank you

Xavier & Smital Shah-Boultwood

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